Uses for Essential Oils

Uses for essential oils

Essential oils have been scientifically shown to be:

  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anticancer
  • Anti-parasitic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-infectious
  • Anti-tumor

There is literally an essential oil for every ailment or health concern. (Click on this link for ideas on which essential oils would be useful for a given ailment).
The following is a list of common issues with a few suggested oils:

ACNE: Melaleuca (alternafolia), geranium, lavender.
ALLERGIES: A few drops each of Lavender, lemon and Peppermint in a capsule and take internally every am and as needed. Can also apply these oils topically. Purify Blend; Respiratory Blend (Breathe); apply to sole of the foot, or put on palms of hands and cup hands and inhale; A drop or two under the nose can also help. (Can diffuse regularly to help reduce allergens in the air. Also can diffuse Purify, On Guard Blend, Breathe, or peppermint).
ANXIETY/DEPRESSION: Serenity Blend, Balance Blend, ylang ylang, sandalwood, frankincense, Citrus Bliss; Can put this under the nose, on the back of the neck or on the chest, or somewhere where you could smell it throughout the day. In addition you can also diffuse one of these oils regularly.
ASTHMA: Respiratory Blend (Breathe), wintergreen, Eucalyptus (Radiata), lemon, lavender, frankincense, marjoram; Rub on soles of feet 2-3 times daily, also rub on chest. Also, you can diffuse the oils daily to possibly reduce any airborne asthma triggers. (you can diffuse Purify, Immune Blend, peppermint or Eucalyptus (Radiata)).
BEE STINGS, BUG BITES: Purify, lavender.
BLISTERS: Melaleuca (alternafolia), lavender, sandalwood, frankincense.
BURNS: Lavender
SUNBURN: Lavender; peppermint can also be cooling for a sunburn.
COLD SORES/CANKER SORES:  lavender melaleuca, Melissa or sandalwood.
COLDS: On Guard, peppermint, Melaleuca, eucalyptus, lemon; apply to chest and spine. You can also apply a warm compress to help the oils penetrate deeper.
COUGH: Breathe, Eucalyptus (Radiata), eucalyptus w/peppermint, eucalyptus w/ Lemon.
CROUP: Breathe, Eucalyptus (Radiata); Apply to chest and along spine.
EAR INFECTIONS: Melaleuca (alternafolia) w/ lavender on cottonball and put in ear over night. I also put some around the ear area, but remember never in the ear. You can also use the On Guard or thyme.
FATIGUE: May help to apply Elevate or peppermint behind neck or on feet. Also see wellness products: Life Long Vitality and Mito 2 Max
INSECT BITES/BEE STINGS: (non-toxic bug repellant) Terrashield.  Purify blend can also be used as well as geranium, lavender, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, thyme, peppermint.
PINK EYE: Melaleuca (alternafolia), lavender; Apply to area around the eye. Be careful not to get in the eye or too close to the eye.
RSV: Rub the Breathe or eucalyptus on the chest area, and also on the spine. If needed, you can dilute. You can also mix the eucalyptus with peppermint or lemon.
RUNNY NOSE OR CONGESTION: Breathe or eucalyptus on sides of nose—eyes may water when you do this, so either close your eyes for a few minutes, or dilute with coconut oil. Also, consider taking On Guard oil blend or soft gel.
SORE THROAT:  Place a couple drops of On Guard protective blend in 1-2 oz of water and gargle.  Repeat as needed every 6 hrs.  Another option is to gargle with oregano and lemon. Put a couple drops of each in an ounce or two of water, and gargle as long as you can stand it. (I warn you this is nasty, but one time has usually been enough to take care of it for me, also you may want to have the coconut or vegetable oil handy in case any of it gets on your lips, it may burn a bit.).
STREP THROAT: Put a couple of drops of the On Guard Blend in some water and drink the water, or gargle with oregano and lemon; Oregano, frankincense, myrrh; rub on throat, chest and back of neck.
TENSION HEADACHE: Pastense tension blend. Also can apply peppermint or wintergreen on temples, around hairline, across the forehead, and on the back of the neck, can also apply it to soles of feet.
SINUS HEADACHE: Breathe, Past tense, Eucalyptus (Radiata), peppermint; Apply across forehead and around sinus area.
SORE MUSCLES: Deep Blue (pain & inflammation blend). Also can apply peppermint or Serenity on affected muscles.
STOMACH/DIGESTION: Peppermint, or Digest Zen blend. Rub this on stomach area. For smaller children, you may want to dilute it with a carrier oil. Ginger is also a good one for stomach problems. Digestzen now has a soft gel.
DIARRHEA: Rub peppermint or Digest Zen on the stomach.
CONSTIPATION: Rub peppermint or Digest Zen on the stomach. You can also try ginger.
HEARTBURN: Digest Zen, peppermint, lemon, ginger, anise; Put a couple drops in a capsule; Can also add a couple drops of lemon to 8 oz of water. By ingesting lemon juice and/or essential oils, the stomach stops excreting digestive acids, therefore alleviating heartburn or other stomach ailments.
NAUSEA: Rubbing a couple of drops of peppermint behind the ears may help.
MOLD: Diffuse some Purify Blend or Immune Blend.
PAIN: Deep Blue, wintergreen, peppermint, white fir.
STRESS: Balance, Lavender, orange, ylang ylang, lemon, Serenity; diffuse or apply somewhere where you can smell it throughout the day—i.e., back of neck, under nose, on chest.
For more information/product training/uses of essential oils for specific ailments: Use to search any ailment or essential oil/wellness product from doTERRA .  A comprehensive protocol, research, and testimonials will be provided. Simply insert into the search any ailment (ex: sore throat, cancer, ADHD, depression, allergies) and click on the links below the google ads in blue.  Use to view education webinars on several essential oils and wellness topics and to listen to audio description/uses of all of the oils. See product education tab to get started.

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